A couple weeks ago I had the oppertunity to interview Will Malherbe, the Pro Make-up artist from Smashbox Cosmetics. He travels all around the world to do make-up. If you missed my last Smashbox product review, check it out here. / Een paar weken geleden kreeg ik de kans om Will Malherbe te interviewen, de Pro Make-up Artist van Smashbox Cosmetics. Hij reist de hele wereld over om make-up te doen. Ik heb Will al eens eerder ontmoet bij een Smashbox event en hij is super aardig en heel goed met make-up. 

Can you tell me a little about yourself and your background? 
My Name is Will Malherbe and I am a pro make-up artist from Smashbox. I’m originally from South Afrika, I grew up in Cape Town. I’ve been doing make-up now for about 17 years. I’ve worked and lived in the UK for 7 years and I am currently based in Paris. I live in Paris but I travel all the time. I travel often to the Smashbox studio’s in Los Angeles where Smashbox is founded. I find my make-up very inspiring that’s how I became a make-up artist.

Did you go to make-up school? 

I started working at cosmetics when I was 17 Then when I was 20 I started studying make-up specializing in fashion and beauty make-up.

Do you prefer doing make-up on people with a certain age?

No i don’t have a preference. I like doing make-up on various people. When working on a shoot it’s sometimes really refreshing to work on a young model with great bone structure but on the same time working on a mature client of mine with character and experience, I love that so much so it’s all kind of ages and in terms of skin tones because I’m from South Africa I like a skin tone that’s diverse. So anyone thats not the general skin tone I like to work on.

What is your favorite thing about make-up? 

Make-up is fun, it is there to make you feel your kickass beautiful self. You should have fun with make-up you should experience with make-up. Make-up is a way to uplift your mood and to express yourself. Make-up is not there to be a celebrity or make you look like some one else, it should be there to make the most fabulous version of yourself.

What are your favorite smashbox products? 

I would select Smashbox Photofinish Hydrating primer. When i’m working on a shoot I’ll always prep the model’s skin. I also use this on myself because I fly so much and this really keeps my skin hydrated. When I was flying back from LA yesterday I was applying this on my skin every few hours.

Another favorite of mine from smashbox is definitely the Smashbox Brow Tech to go. This is a waterproof eyebrow pencil and you can fill in the whole brow or you can draw on individual hairs. You have clear brow gel at the back just to set the eyebrow. It’s like a two in one product. Just for me after I created a perfect canvas for a face before I start with any color products I’ll always start with the eyebrows.

I also love the bb cream because it’s a quick 5 in 1 product. Everyone should have this in their handback. Our BB cream comes in 8 colors so there’s a color for everyone. The BB Cream is very naturel and it’s easy to apply and put it on with your fingers.

Another product I really love are the always sharp pencils. It is a waterproof pencil like a kohl pencil, every time you close the lid and you open it it sharpens, so you always have a sharp tip so that’s really unique about the pencil.

The last product I want to talk about is the L.A Light Blendable Lip & Check color. It’s great for adding that kind of luminosity to the skin, that sheen to the cheek, that is big on trend right now having not having a matte cheek bud a radiant glow. You can also use this product on the lips. This is perfect for in your handbag. These products combined are really good for a full make-up look and take a look from day to evening.


 How do you turn a day look into a night time look?
The two things on trend right now to turn a day look into a night look would be your liner, you can easy take soft day look and really create that soft smokey look.  And Also with lips, you can use your lip and cheek color for day time and then for night time you can really push the boundaries by by going for a really strong bright matte lipstick

What is the difference between doing a make-up look for a photoshoot and for a normal day time look?
The most importent thing about make-up is always thinking about your lightning. In the photo studio when we’re shooting we now have very advanced technology in our make-up rooms for example. So the lights in the make-up room can change according to what the photographer is shooting with, so all the light can adjust: the brightness and warmth etc. For photoshoots the make-up is for specific lightning. With everyday make-up you’re doing make-up that should look good in candle lightning, night time, outside etc.  We’re the only make-up brand that can say we created and tested in a studio. We test our make-up in a studio with all different kinds of light variations to make sure that no matter where you wear make-up, you’ll look good in the light. Now we are in the age of smartphones and selfies and Instagram so you should be photo ready at any different point of time.

After the interview Will showed me the products that will be launching in 2015. There are some really exciting products coming out! Soon I’ll be able to tell you a little more. I really want to thank Will for the time and for the make-up application. It was fun to hear that Will really likes the Hydrating Primer, I use that primer on a daily bases. What is your favorite Smashbox product?

Na het interview heeft Will de nieuwe producten laten zien die worden gelanceerd in 2015. Er komen echt hele gave producten aan waar ik jullie binnenkort meer over kan vertellen. Dit was mijn eerste keer dat ik iemand heb geinterviewt, het was heel leuk! Leuk ook om te horen wat zijn favoriete producten zijn, ik ben zelf ook gek op de hydrating primer. 

Liefs, Wies

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