PH: private/ video: Millcorner Media (like their page)
Fake fur jacket: vintage, boots: Dr. Adams, jeans-glasses: Primark, bag: Dolces (old), jumper: H&M, beanie: Brrr Amsterdam

Those who followed me on social media may have already seen seen that I went to Kronenburgpark at Nijmegen for FashionistaChloeTV. It was snowing and very cold, but that is the perfect weather to make an outfit video. It seemed that everyone thought the same. What I mean is that not everybody wanted to make an outfit video, but the park was simply very crowded. So I think that everyone found it to be the perfect Sunday to take a walk in the park.

Fortunately, we were able to take some nice pictures and MillCorner Media made some nice recordings for FashionistaChloeTV. I posted some backstage pictures inside this post just for you. Please watch the outfit video below and let me know what you think. I’m looking forward to your comments. Have a nice Sunday evening or, if you read this post on Monday, Happy Monday! If you want to keep updated please follow me on Instagram (@FashionistaChloe), Twitter and Facebook. Most of my pictures you will find on my Instagram account!

 Don’t forget to watch the video in HD

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Chloë Sterk
Chloë Sterk

Chloe (28) besloot na zes jaar haar fashionblog Fashionista Chloe aan de wilgen te hangen en het platform Daily Nonsense op te richten. Ze is single, houdt van reizen, kan moeilijk stil zitten, kan al helemaal niet kiezen en is altijd op zoek naar een nieuw avontuur. Oh en ze wil binnenkort gaan verhuizen, waarheen weet ze nog niet.

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