A few weeks ago I filmed for FashionistaChloeTV at the Gift Suite in Hotel Sofitel Legend The Grand. At this event I interviewed owner of the brand Supertrash, Olcay Gulsen. I asked her some things about the Gift Suite, but we also talked about her upcoming show. She did very mysterious, but she told me she was going to approach it big. The funniest thing is that I met her again during Amsterdam fashionweek. During our conversation, she invited me to her show. Me as a Fashionista, won’t say no to that!!!
Last Saturday the big happening took place at “De Hollandsche Manage” in Amsterdam. Fashion photographer Jamie de Leeuw and I decided to make a short video for FashionistaChloeTV, because this gives you a better impression of the amazing event. I call it event, because it was more than just a fashion show. Supertrash thought of everything and the entourage really fit the theme “New Amazone”. With over 1000 guests, including Marly van der Velden, Carolien Spoor, Fred van Leer, Mika van Leeuwen, Beertje van Beers, blogger Yara Michels, catwalk queen Mariana Verkerk and many more, her show with her fashion brand became the largest of this Amsterdam fashionweek. Olcay Gulsen, the queen of the evening, presented an amazing show which many can learn from.

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Chloë Sterk
Chloë Sterk

Chloe (28) besloot na zes jaar haar fashionblog Fashionista Chloe aan de wilgen te hangen en het platform Daily Nonsense op te richten. Ze is single, houdt van reizen, kan moeilijk stil zitten, kan al helemaal niet kiezen en is altijd op zoek naar een nieuw avontuur. Oh en ze wil binnenkort gaan verhuizen, waarheen weet ze nog niet.

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