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Yeah I am so excited! After two totally different video report for Fashionista ChloeTV, I can tell you this video report will even better or maybe cooler than the latest ones (if you ask me ). As you all may know from my former posts I attended the big Emporio Armani event at their store and the afterparty at Jimmy Woo Amsterdam last Thurday. It was a big happening and the guest list was filled with dutch celebrities, many people known in the media, television and fashion business. To name a few: Stacey Rookhuizen, Michou Basu, Liza Sips, Beertje van Beers and Hilmar Mulder. Armani knows how to party and celebrate their 15th anniversary in an amazing way. Everything was perfectly organized as you maybe already recognized in this video blog above. It was impossible to do interviews, because of the crowdie atmosphere, but I think this video blog gives you a good impression of the evening. Enjoy the video of Emporio Armani 15th anniversary and don’t forget to follow my blog with bloglovin. 
Chloë Sterk
Chloë Sterk

Chloe (28) besloot na zes jaar haar fashionblog Fashionista Chloe aan de wilgen te hangen en het platform Daily Nonsense op te richten. Ze is single, houdt van reizen, kan moeilijk stil zitten, kan al helemaal niet kiezen en is altijd op zoek naar een nieuw avontuur. Oh en ze wil binnenkort gaan verhuizen, waarheen weet ze nog niet.

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  1. GREAT video of the Anniversary of Armani!!! Very well put together! You are getting better and better!!
    And I also LOVE Fashionista Chloe TV!!!!!!xxxxx Janneke W. <3 <3